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Mens Underwear - For Fashion or For Function?

Mens Underwear - For Fashion or For Function?

Mens Underwear in the last 5 years has become a fashion statement; which is interesting because it is an item that is worn under the clothing. Mens underwear comes in all sorts of different colors, patterns, and fabrics. Some of the more popular fabrics are getting away from cotton and going to bamboo, or merino, or spandex. The fabric is really the only important aspect of the other options (colors, patterns, fabrics) that pertains to functionality or “use”. Bamboo and Merino are quick drying fabric that are also moisture wicking which helps prevent sweat and moisture. Most people, if asked, would assume that underwear, especially men’s underwear lacks “functionality”. The purpose of this blog is to attempt to point out that mens underwear is now not only fashionable, but also functionable. And moreover, that it has to be in order to justify the price points for a single pair of underwear!

Another important aspect of functionality is the band of the underwear. The band of the underwear ensures that the proper stretch and firmness is applied when wearing the underwear for long periods of time; such as when traveling. Some underwear is geared more for functionality than for aesthetics. For example, Flight Underwear comes stock with a built in pocket, sized to fit a passport, or phone. This functionality proves very useful if you’re running and don’t want to hold your phone, or biking to a pub and need your identification, or traveling and want to sleep on a high speed train feeling like your passport is secured. Some could also argue that the bamboo fabric used to make every pair of Flight’s also is used for functionality because it is moisture wicking and antibacterial (hence you don’t really sweat or smell while wearing them). Also, because they are quick drying, you could wash and re-wear them daily. These are all great uses, and make the mens underwear the most versatile on the market.

Men’s underwear is very popular in the LGBTQ communities as well. There are even popular blog sites dedicated to underwear and under “gear” products for men. The gay community really endorses the color, patterns and comfort aspects of underwear. In most cases, the functionality (if any) takes a back seat per se. Which patterns or colors are preferred? That will vary based on individual. Many gay women also enjoy wearing mens underwear and so it really is a product that works for both men and women and transexuals alike within the LGBTQ community.

One of the other major factors that must now be accounted for when men are purchasing underwear for fashion is the astronomical cost for 1 pair of undies! This, unlike most women, is where men tend to draw the line; trying to justify spending 20-30 dollars for one pair of underwear can seem quite unreasonable for a large population of men. Men, often tend to prefer quantity over quality. Especially when those items are not shown off on a regular basis. So how do companies like MEC, REI and FLIGHT UNDERWEAR all survive? They have to show value, they have to show quality, they have to show comfort, and they need to show some sort of functionality.

So whether you decide on mens underwear with pocket or without, or whether you decide on bamoo underwear or merino underwear, consider that underwear can now be for more than just fashion!

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