Flight Underwear

Our Story

Flight Underwear is the brainchild of Parker Ray, Kelsey Cooper, and JP Dunlop. We are active travellers from the west coast of Canada and we spend plenty of time outdoors. We figured that there had to be a better and more versatile way of keeping valuables safe when travelling, hitting the beach, or going for a run - something that would work for all the activities we love.

The idea of producing underwear with a pocket was born from this desire and, to add a level of security, a zipper felt like a no-brainer--something no other underwear on the market had. After several alcohol-soaked meetings, we settled on a name and contacted several suppliers, sourcing prototypes. We got lucky and found one early on in the process that came back exactly as we had hoped, and was outrageously comfortable to boot.

A bulk order was quickly placed and the business of Flight Underwear was officially underway. We have the sizes, styles, and colours for you.