Insulin Pump Pocket

Securely and discreetly hold your insulin pump!


Flight Underwear is proud to help diabetics living with Type 1 Diabetes around the world. The zippered pocket that makes our comfortable, bamboo underwear the number one choice for travellers is also the perfect place to hold your insulin pump.

This innovative use of Flight Underwear came from you, our customers. When safely stored within the pocket, your insulin pump will be securely held against your quadricep and tucked away under your clothing.

Safe, secure, and discrete.

Flight for Men

You're looking to do everything, go everywhere and feel confident that your insulin pump be will secure no matter what. Enter, Flight Underwear. With a large zippered pocket this underwear is perfect for you and your insulin pump. Live your life with confidence, and health.

We have just launched a brand new partnership with Diabetes Canada and $1 from every pair of Flight Underwear sold will be donated to Diabetes research and support services for those living with the condition.

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Flight for Women

Comfort and security are important to you. Your insulin pump is with you at all times and keeping it tight to your body is critical. Enter, Flight Underwear. The large zippered pocket will allow you to live your best life with no fear. We've got your insulin pump so you can tackle the world.

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