Flight Underwear

Men's Flights

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Men's Flights
Men's Flights Men's Flights Men's Flights Men's Flights Men's Flights Men's Flights

$19.99 CAD $24.99 CAD

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We've all felt it. The panic of misplacing your passport, wallet, or keys. Nothing turns a great day of traveling on it's head like that sinking feeling when you can't find your important belongings. And, it's double trouble when you realize that you've been pickpocketed and those precious items are gone for good. No one wants to spend their vacation days tracking down replacement passports or cancelling credit cards.

That's where Flight Underwear comes in. Our large, zippered pocket will keep your belongs safe, secure, and discreet no matter what your day holds. Simply slip your valuables inside, zip the pocket closed and have the peace of mind that your belongings aren't going anywhere.

Product Details:

95% Bamboo/ 5% Spandex

Comfortable Elastic Waistband

Passport Sized Pickpocket-Proof Pocket

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