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  • The Best Hiking Underwear I've ever owned!

    It is however, also one of the busiest cities I’ve ever been to. Luckily, I did my research before and noticed that it is the pickpocket capital of the world. I made sure to wear my Flight underwear everyday that I was in Rome; and I carried both of our passports and our Euro’s in the handy pocket in the underwear the entire trip (just to be safe). View Post
  • T.R. Diamond - Stockholm, Sweden

    Day 47 StockholmMassage Parlour Svetlana applies the perfect amount of pressure as her delicate hands roll from my shoulders down to my lower back. “How does it feel?” she purrs, and I can only moan a series of syllables into the face hole of the massage table, “Babalabaaaah…”, I exclaim, hoping ... View Post
  • 5 Travel Tips for Traveling in Europe

    5) Be Aware of the Exchange Rate taken from besteduzone.com   Right now the Euro, most of Europe’s (aside from the UK) currency is currently trading at about 1.5 times that of the Canadian dollar. To compound that, the prices on most things tourists desire (food, drink, gifts, etc.) are all more... View Post