5 Travel Tips for Traveling in Europe

5) Be Aware of the Exchange Rate

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Right now the Euro, most of Europe’s (aside from the UK) currency is currently trading at about 1.5 times that of the Canadian dollar. To compound that, the prices on most things tourists desire (food, drink, gifts, etc.) are all more expensive than that item would be in Canada. Be prepared to spend several thousand dollars, no matter how short your trip!

4) Eat off the Beaten Path

There are many amazing food options in Europe. However, the restaurants are very aware of where they are located in terms of attracting tourists. In fact, some goes as far as to charge a “tourist tax” on your meals. This, of course, seems outlandish. However, traveling a few blocks off the beaten paths will often lead to much better food, at much better prices, and really give you a better experience of the local city/culture you find yourself immersed in.

3) Don’t rent a car

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Car rentals are not worth it in Europe, as they offer amazing high-speed trains through most of the major regions, and flights are very inexpensive throughout Europe as well. There is really not much need to rent a car, unless you’re going to a small town without means of any transportation. Save your money for the food and accommodations cost!

2) Protect your Passport and Identification

Europe, as beautiful and historical as it is, also is infamous for its pickpockets. They are unquestionably the best in the world at what they do, and can find ways to get at your money belt or into your pockets. Hostels are also not a safe option for leaving your identification as some of the best pickpockets actually stay at hostels and pretend to make friends with you and then break into your lockers while you’re out exploring the city. Make sure you equip yourself with the best option for protecting your passport, identification and money!

Underwear with Pocket

1) Visit Everything you can While You’re Abroad

Europe is not a place you go to sit on a beach and do nothing. It’s not Hawaii, or Florida. You go to Europe to see the most amazing architecture, culture, and history. Make sure you’re not wasting time sitting in your hotel room or hostel. Or try to arrange one of the many tours available to you. These are great because you get to see all the major sites without waiting in lines, you get lots of free time to walk around, and you get to meet like-minded people that share the interest in traveling with you! Get out and see as much as you can no matter what the weather is, after all you probably paid a premium dollar to go there!

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