T.R. Diamond - Heads Due North...and South.

Day 811
Inuvik, Canada
A tent


Between traveling the world and spotting Anne Murray in a Pizza Hut one time, I have led a very interesting life. People have often told me I should write a book, and I’ve finally decided to get around to it. I know that in order to really put effort into this, I need a hospitable environment with no distractions, which has brought me to Inuvik this summer. I have paid for a three months’ stay in one of Inuvik’s scenic parks, and starting today it’s just me, a pad of paper, a pen, and the contents of my Flight Underwear. Time to get writing…


The dedication to one’s book can be exceedingly difficult. To Mom & Dad? To Mom, Dad, My Brothers, and Sisters? To My Family? To A. Murray? Time for dinner, then maybe a little more writing, and then bed.


It’s beautiful this far north. After a simple dinner of nuts, berries, and a loose Tuscan chicken wrap I found in the rental tent, I have decided I will sleep now, ready to awake refreshed and really get going on the writing first thing tomorrow.


Summer nights are longer than I remember. The sun as filtered through the rental test casts a neon orange glow over everything. But that’s all right. All of this light means I can write more. I think, to warm up, I will draw my specialty, which is sharks.


I’ve drawn a hundred cool sharks. The sun is obviously broken here because it is as bright out now as it was in the daytime. Is it the apocalypse? If it is, I shouldn’t spend in a tent. I promised myself a moratorium on technology, but I really should check my phone that’s nestled in my Flights. Send an email to my loved ones, cancel my Blue Apron account, etc.


So apparently Inuvik is bathed in daylight 24/7 for about two months. A quick Google search confirmed it. I really should be more of a planner. Being surrounded by this hideous orange glow must be what it’s like inside the White House (#topical), but it’s not for me. I’m packing up and heading south. Far south. South Pole. Then I’ll really get to work.

Day 814
South Pole

I’m not going to write a book, I’ve decided.

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