5 Reasons Why Bamboo is the Fabric for Traveling!

Here at Flight Underwear, we meticulously researched the best possible fabric for traveling. After seeing the pros and cons of Merino, Cotton, Polyester, Spandex and many more options, we finally decided on the perfect option: bamboo!

bamboo,bamboo underwear

Now, there’s probably a few of you out there that didn’t even know that it was possible to make fabric out of bamboo...especially comfortable fabric. I know when I think bamboo, soft and comfortable are not the adjectives that come to mind. That said, those are only two of its amazing traits.

As far as we’re concerned, there is no better material to travel long distances and to feel more comfortable in. Even though our underwear is so much more than just bamboo (like holding a secret pocket with a zipper for securing your passport), let’s shed some light on the additional benefits of bamboo underwear for a moment, and see if you also agree that these benefits make it the perfect travel accessory:

1) Its sensitive material, so for those of you with emphysema or those of us (like me) that get rashes or zits in those regions, the bamboo fabric is great on the skin!

2) It is incredibly soft and smooth. Cotton doesn’t hold a candle to bamboo in regards to softness or comfort! Travel comfortably!

3) It is antibacterial. Did you know that bacteria does not survive on bamboo fabric, keeping your stench at bay!

4) Good for the earth! Bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable…so if you ever need to throw them away (we can’t imagine such a scenario), don’t worry, they will not harm the earth. Bamboo grows naturally, so even at the source our products aren’t made with pesticides or fertilizers! They are eco-friendly and sustainable.

5) Thanks to its (bamboo’s) hollow microfibers, it is both warm but airy, for all temperatures! Its microfibers allow it to wick away sweat, so you stay drier and if you get them wet, they dry quicker!

Well, that proves it ladies and gentlemen! Flight Underwear also has our trademark underwear with pocket feature on every pair of underwear, so that you won’t just travel comfortably, you can travel securely. Get a good sleep on an airplane. Pass out on a train. Sunbathe on the beach; rest assured that wherever you are, your Flight’s have got your back...well your front, but you know what we mean!

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