Top 5 Pickpocket Destinations

If this is your first trip overseas, it’s highly recommended that you find some sort of secure way to travel with your passport, identification and money. Whether that be money belts, hidden pockets within clothing, or a locked compartment is up to you. However, there is no question that you need to be very cautious when traveling abroad.

Here are some pros and cons to a few of these options:

Money Belt:

Pro - Sits right up against you

Con - Still has a strap that can easily be undone from your back

Pro - Can hold quite a bit

Con - Is somewhat bulky, and can often be seen under the clothing

Locked Compartments:

Pro - obviously they’re locked so your items seem pretty secure

Con - it becomes obvious to the pickpocketer that there is something of value in the locked compartment

Pro - Pretty accessible if you need it

Con - Usually is attached to your bag, so if you lose your bag, you lose it

Hidden Pockets:

Pro - depends where they are, but in the case of the underwear it’s physically hidden under your pants, which makes it very difficult for pickpocketers to access

Con - Not very accessible on the spot. You would need to go to the bathroom or something to retrieve what’s in there

Pro - They cannot be seen by the naked eye

Con - It may not be as comfortable to have your identification strapped to your leg or other places

According to, these are the 5 cities that tourists need to be on their guard the most when it comes to pickpockets:


5 Paris, France

pickpocket, secret pocket, underwear pocket
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4 Madrid, Spain

pickpocket, madrid, secret pocket underwear, underwear with pockets

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3 Prague, Czech Republic

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2 Rome, Italy

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1 Barcelona, Spain

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As a matter of fact, 8 of the top 10 are in Europe.

Make sure as a precautionary measure that you make photocopies of all of your identification and any important documents before you leave!

And when abroad always store your important items in the front pocket or secret pocket if possible.


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