Is Your Underwear Letting Down Your Lover?

Your underwear might be hidden from view most of the time, but, remember what your mother always said, “you could get hit by a bus and you don’t want them finding you with dirty underwear!” or was that was just our mothers?

Well anyway, we're of the mind that if we got hit by a bus we’d have bigger fish to fry then clean underwear, but there is a better reason to keep your underwear on point - that special someone who shares your bed. Sadly, it appears that many of us are falling into some pretty inexcusable habits and women are taking notice.

A recent survey by GQ Magazine (highly scientific we know) has highlighted many of the pet peeves women have regarding our underwear, and guys, we have to agree with the ladies

on this one, these are pretty bad:

  1. Old and worn out
  2. Blatant lack of cleanliness (yikes)
  3. Fit issues 
  4. Too busy

We suggest you take a look at the full GQ article and then a hard look at your underwear drawer. Don't worry though, if you think it might be time to up your underwear game we’ve got your back(side) covered.

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